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The Media-Tech Hub is an innovative space for positive social change using all forms of media. The Media-Tech Hub will bring together social change software developers/innovators and journalists to develop and harness the use of innovative solutions leveraging on use of technology and data to bring about transparency and accountability. Here, Journalists can meet and brainstorm with innovators/software developers and jointly develop innovative solutions to address the gaps in achieving effective reporting on accountability issues affecting public service delivery.

Innovative solutions and tools from the Media-Tech Hub will be used for knowledge management and analysis to provide ready content for use by Journalists on social accountability aspects of service delivery in Kenya in sectors such as Education and Health.

The Media-Tech Hub will impact positively on service delivery by enhancing transparency and accountability through media as a result of information made available through data mining and other such methodologies for Public Expenditure Tracking and social impact analysis of public services. This will enable journalists to analyse data fast and efficiently and come up with timely and impactful stories for public engagements on accountability issues.