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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


How can we help you?

What is MediaTech.Hub?

The Media-Tech Hub is a sustainable model implemented by Transparency International Kenya and Fojo Media Institute to ensure journalists have continued improvement in the use of existing technologies and knowledge platforms to enhance access to information and use data for investigative reporting on corruption issues.

What problem or need does MediaTech address?

Media-Tech Hub provides a unique opportunity for leveraging the use of media and technology to advance openness and empower journalists to do more in the fight against corruption using safe and innovative technologies.

How can I participate in Mentorship, Hackathon and MediaTech social networks?

Media-Tech Hub is free and voluntary. To join our hackathon events, sign up here. You can also join our forums and social networks here

Does MediaTech Hub give grants to individuals?

Yes!. Depending with the grant type, Media-Tech Hub facilitates any budding journalists interested in building technology tools or using data for investigative reporting on corruption issues to access funds.

Can we apply for more than one type of grant?

Yes. You may apply for more than one grant, as long as they are through separate grant opportunities. For example, you may submit a grant application for an Investigative Grant for Covid19 Funds and another for an Education Corruption Reporting Grant, but you may not submit two Education Corruption Reporting Grants.

Who can be a Mentor?

Anyone can be a mentor – Any experienced industry players from all different fields of journalism can become a mentor to build the capacity of younger and inexperienced journalists in their different areas of interest and expertise in investigative journalists.

Will I get a certificate from your online courses?

Currently, all our online training materials are free. We will partner with accreditation institution soon and offer you courses that can be certified!

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