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The Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab brings together social change software developers/innovators and journalists to develop innovative solutions leveraging on use of technology and data, to bring about transparency and accountability. Here, Journalists meet, brainstorm with innovators/software developers and jointly develop innovative solutions. These solutions seek to address the gaps in achieving effective report accountability on issues that affect people’s everyday lives.

The Innovative solutions and tools developed from the Media-Tech Hub Innovation Lab, can then used for data mining, analysis and dissemination of actionable insights to provide ready content for use by journalists, activists and social change actors. These solutions are geared towards promoting good governance, transparency and accountability in different sectors and at different levels of governance from within communities, nationally and regionally.

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Learning Hub

With a variety of curated online courses, resources and reading materials Media-Techs Learning Hub provides opportunities for trainings to enhance your skills in media development work. Our learning experience seeks to break down the pervasive academic silos of information technology and journalism. Our training includes both experienced and novice media practitioners. Attendants work in small teams engaging in peer-to-peer teaching.

Media Ethics and Governance

This course explores some of the basic theories, models and concepts in the field of…

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Sample course 2

Tueretur natalem loquantur sequantur brevis duabus res eum auctoritas laudari opponitur aut superabat quicquid vocatur…

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Sample course 3

Tueretur natalem loquantur sequantur brevis duabus res eum auctoritas laudari opponitur aut superabat quicquid vocatur…

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The Mentorship Hub

Media-Tech Hub Mentorship Hub integrates a network of renowned journalists to support upcoming journalists with skills and knowledge to undertake investigative journalism work. There’s certainly lots to do. Complicated global problems like mis-and disinformation, climate change, information warfare, and the erosion of privacy are creating new “jobs” that companies and consumers will pay to get done.

Our pool of mentor includes Media and Journalism practitioners from audio and radio, data/investigative journalism, audience engagement, general reporters and editors, sports, broadcast, news design, public relations, marketing, product and engineering. Mentors volunteer to offer free, half-hour one-on-one sessions for advice, guidance or general questions about navigating the media industry.

Mentorships have always been an invaluable way to help journalists of all experience levels develop their reporting skills, progress at their company and hit their long-term career goals. They are not reserved for young journalists though; editors and other senior journalists can too benefit from having an expert to turn to for advice and useful tips borne out of years of cracking the craft.

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