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254 Covid-19 Virtual Hackathon

Happening from 6th – 9th February 2019


Research. Innovate. Code. Hack. Discuss

Who we are

The Media-Tech Hub is an initiative being implemented by Transparency International Kenya (TI-Kenya) and Fojo Media Institute. The Media-Tech Hub is an initiative developed from working with journalists under the Action for Transparency (A4T) project which uses a combination of media and technology to empower citizens including journalists on monitoring the use of public resources in Kenya.

The Innovation Lab

It brings together social change software developers/innovators and journalists to develop and harness the use of innovative solutions leveraging on use of technology and data to bring about transparency and accountability. Here, Journalists can meet and brainstorm with innovators/software developers and jointly develop innovative solutions to address the gaps in achieving effective reporting on accountability issues affecting people’s everyday lives.

Innovative solutions and tools from the Media-Tech Hub will be used for data mining, analysis and dissemination to provide ready content for use by journalists, activists and social change actors. The solutions are geared towards promoting good governance, transparency and accountability in different sectors and at different levels of governance from within communities, nationally and regionally.

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Featured Courses

Automated course materials coming soon …


The Mentorship Hub

Engaging a network of renowned journalists to support upcoming journalists with skills and knowledge to undertake investigative journalism work.


Apply for a Grant

Grants for investigative journalists passionate about promoting transparency and accountability in provision of public services.


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